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Songs of Christmas; Song of Mary

Dec 15, 2013
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Songs of Christmas

Mary was a young girl who was thrust into God’s story as the angel Gabriel unveiled God’s plan to her. Mary was wise and discerning in her understanding and response. You can see her trust in God as she says, “How will this be?” as opposed to “How can this be?”. As we continue to grow in our worship of the Lord, we can learn from Mary. She had a heart of humility, surrender, thoughtfulness, and a heart for the Word.

May we walk in the footsteps of Mary as she ushers us in to Christ. Your depth of the knowledge of the Word affects how well you can worship.


Questions to discuss as a family today

1. Where do you need to “let go” of the external so you can focus on the eternal? (traditions, self-consciousness, what the world thinks…)

2. When do you think deeply? Everyone in your home should take some time today to sit still and reflect on God’s goodness in their lives. Come back together and talk about what God showed each of you.

3. Mary’s “Magnificat” was full of Scripture. It oozed out of her. What would come out of your heart and mouth if you were asked to write worship to God right now?



Praise God for His plan, and thank Him for Mary’s faithfulness and obedience to trust God. Commit that you will strive to have a heart of humility and surrender. Ask the Lord to show you how you can be His servant this week. Commit to spending some time in solitude this week. Be still and know that He is God. End your prayer time with worship and praise to God.