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Spend Less

Dec 7, 2014
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Christmas and the Queen City – Advent Conspiracy
We live in a consumer-driven, materialistic society that promotes materialism over the Messiah. This week Pastor Alex challenged us to “Spend Less” as a part of our Advent Conspiracy series. Our country spends $601B on Christmas, with $50.9B of that spent on Black Friday weekend. Some of this is done as tradition (ritual) by a family who chooses to spend time together in a fun way, but others are manic in having to find the best deals on stuff that they don’t need.

Pastor Alex referenced that Jesus was born in a dangerous time in Matthew 2:1. King Herod was an egotistical maniac that wanted all focus on himself, which is why he wanted Jesus killed from the start. At the same time, we see that Caesar Augustus (Luke 2:1) was ruling with a strong arm. There was a clear expectation of government control, but also an allowance to worship how you wanted behind closed doors. Honestly, that is not much different than today. As Christians, our relationship with Jesus is personal, but should not be private!

This Christmas, the challenge is to SPEND LESS and GIVE MORE. Too often we get caught up in the machine called consumerism. The enemy is very good at pointing out things we don’t have and then tempting us to lust after those things. Ultimately, it renders us ineffective because we can not use God’s resources for His glory.

Phrase of the week: DON’T SPEND WHAT YOU DON’T HAVE! Don’t put Christmas on your credit card.

There are exciting days ahead for Carmel, and we all need to position ourselves to be available to give generously.

To discuss as a family today
1. In what ways do you get caught up in the commercialism of Christmas? (traditions and holiday cheer are not “bad” or “evil”, but often they consume an unhealthy balance of our time, resources, and thoughts)

2. We all know that stuff does not equal joy. Why do you accumulate things?

3. Discuss ways to be generous without spending what you do not have.

4. For many families, there are expectations from extended family to buy gifts because “that’s the way we do it”. What can you give without going into debt?

Please begin praying about the opportunity to participate in Crown Financial Bible Study in January. More details to follow soon…

Father, we choose to celebrate the gift of King Jesus this Christmas over anything else. Help me to focus my time, energy, and resources on You more than on stuff. Please help me be disciplined and to remember that it is better to live within my means. I confess that too often I get caught up in the consumerism of this season. I know in my heart that stuff does not equal joy. Help me give shared experiences and eternal gifts this Christmas. Give me wisdom to know how to talk to family about what we are doing differently. I pray that it motivates them to do the same. I am so blessed, and I am grateful for your provisions. I confess that all I have is yours.