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The Big 3: Gospel Generation

Aug 6, 2020
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The Big 3:
Gospel Generation
God delights in using ordinary people to do miraculous things to generate the spread of the Gospel. You are not insignificant because you were created in the image of God. Each of us has a purpose and unique place in His Story.
As we seek to make disciples of those nearest, our neighbors, and the nations, our Elder Body has discerned three big goals for the next ten years. Each goal is driven by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The first goal is Gospel Generation. We will seek to generate a powerful Gospel influence in this generation and those to come after us.
In Psalm 145, we see two kinds of generation. We see the generations (noun) of natural descent. We also see the generating (verb) of actions that point to the worship of God. As the psalmist proclaims in verse four, “One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.”
We are called to an active, dynamic role in the Kingdom of God. Each of us has a responsibility to “commend”, “declare,” “meditate on,” “speak of,” and “sing aloud” of the mighty and wonderful works of God. A silent Christian is not an obedient follower of Christ.
This goal within the mission of Carmel can only be accomplished when we live out an ABLE life. Abiding in Christ is where Gospel generation starts. In a fruit-bearing relationship with God, we become more aware of His love for us and God’s desire for us to love one another well. As we abide in Him, we will want to build relationships and live the Gospel with everything.
How can you generate the Gospel in your generation? Right now is the first step. Steps become habits. Consider these habits for making disciples of those nearest to you:
  • Wake up and pray daily for Gospel conversations. “God, what divine appointments do you have for me?”
  • Choose a proactive life. “Give me eyes to see.”
  • Walk in the Spirit and obey Him. As you do, you will hear the whisper (or shout) of the Spirit.
  • Read the Bible together with your family. Speak the Word over your family.
  • Pray with your spouse daily. Commit to go on a date weekly and get away often for the purpose of strengthening your marriage.
  • Pray for your kids (grandkids, kids in your neighborhood) by name daily.
  • Develop a list of “10 things you want kids to know” and a plan to continually teach them. (For those without children at home, consider ways that you can “speak into” the next generation and encourage faith).