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The Fruit of Freedom – Freedom to Be Family

Mar 31, 2019
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The Fruit of Freedom – Freedom to Be Family
Last week, Pastor Alex taught about the “seed” of Abraham, and the promise that was given. This morning, we were reminded that we are all heirs to this promise as sons and daughters. In Galatians 2:27, it reads, “For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ.” “Put on” refers to a garment that identifies you. This speaks to:
1. Our IDENTITY in Christ
2. Our IMITATION of Christ
We have all come into the family of Christ for a purpose. Verse 28 levels the field. We are all one under Christ. We are one family. That doesn’t mean that culture, class, or gender go away. We celebrate the uniqueness of these, but our identity in Christ comes first.
In Chapter 4:3, we see that the slavery mindset is our natural way of thinking. Thankfully, in Christ, we are free. Reading on, we must remember the culture of the time. Redemption saves us. The example is a picture of an ancient slave market where someone goes and pays a price to set a slave free. We must combine that picture with the picture of adoption. In ancient times, someone would go to a really wealthy home and buy someone to become a forever part of their family. They would take on the family name and be a part of the inheritance.
That is exactly what God did for us. Jesus was the redemption price for our freedom from sin. God then pursued us, chose us, and wanted us to be a part of His forever family. Wow! We must believe that, accept it, and live it. We receive the Spirit of God, and become a dwelling place of God. Wow! We then can have good relationship with Him as “ABBA”, our intimate daddy.
To discuss today:
1. What are you “putting on” each day? Remember, what you put on identifies you.
2. In what ways do you live your life as a slave in fear?
3. In what ways do you live your life with confidence as a child of God?