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The Fruit of Freedom – Freedom to Live Generously

May 5, 2019
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Fruit of Freedom – Freedom to Live Generously
Today we wrapped up our series on Galatians. We read Paul’s words of action now that we understand where he has been coming from in the Judaizers (and us) regarding the gospel. In Gal 6:6 he uses the phrase, “the one who is taught”. This word “taught” means “catechism”, which is speaking with intentionality the Truth of the gospel in a deliberate way. This is to be shared in community.
Paul goes on to use the example of a farmer. Whatever goes into the ground, grows. “God will not be mocked” lets us know that this is a true statement. Whatever one sows, that person will reap. It will happen. Verse 8 shows us that when we walk in sin, we wreak havoc and death around us. On the other side, when we walk in the Truth, we reap life.
So…do not grow weary in doing good. Just as the farmer must continue to trust God for rain, work hard to sow good seed, and wait, we must not quit. We must continue to sow into the Kingdom. Do not believe the lie that nothing is working. In verse 10, we see that there is a season (a moment) that God will move, but we must be looking for those moments (kairos moments).
Let’s do the good to everyone. “The good” is being Jesus with skin on to those around you. In Christ, we are fruit bearers to a starving people. We have the food that will satisfy them, so we must feed them from the overflow of what the Holy Spirit has indwelled us with!
To discuss today:
1. What are you sowing in your life?
2. What is something that has you weary right now? How does this passage encourage you to “not grow weary”?
3. Ask God to help you have those “kairos” moments. Be intentional to look for them this week!