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The Fruit of Freedom – Freedom to Love Others

Apr 7, 2019
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The Fruit of Freedom – Freedom to Love Others
As we continue through the book of Galatians, chapter 5 is the turning point for Paul. Up to this point, he has been relentless in teaching the theology of the gospel. In Gal 5:13, he begins to show us how to live it out.
Paul was relentless in his teaching because he wasn’t sure that the people really understood because they continued to step into bondage (a yoke of slavery). He pointed out in the beginning of the chapter that what God has done for us comes first, then we live in the reality of that truth. We obtained freedom through Christ, and now we have the opportunity to live in that freedom as a doulos (servant). In verse 2, Paul is not opposed to circumcision in itself, but he is opposed to it as a means to salvation (vs 11-12).
Verse 13 shows us how to live this out. We shouldn’t use our freedom for an opportunity of the flesh because that is “grace abuse”, which is another form of slavery.
Christ has set us free FROM…
Bondage to the LAW – which is legalism
Bondage to SIN – which is license
and He did that FOR our liberty
5:1        Free, but Don’t do this
5:13a    Free, but Don’t do this
5:13b    Free to DO this!       Through love serve one another
Our freedom is FOR something. We look like Christ when we do something for someone else. Philippians 2 we see Christ as our example.
Verse 14 reminds us that Jesus made his yoke (teaching) simple. Of the 613 laws, 611 fall under 2 main ones…Love God and love people.
To discuss today:
1. Recall and discuss a time when you had the opportunity to serve someone through the love of Christ. What was the outcome?
2. Who has served you? How did that impact your faith?