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The King’s Birthday

Feb 9, 2014
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King Jesus and the Queen City

Today Pastor Rob continued our look at Matthew by finishing out Chapter 1. We read verses 18-25 which speak so clearly to the early orthodoxy (right belief) of our faith. Jesus, the Incarnate, IS the right belief. What you believe about Jesus matters. Pastor Rob stated that “What you are for determines who you are with.” He went on to answer the question, “What is God for”? This question is answered in Romans 8 where Paul is laying out God’s plan of redemption. Romans 8:31 states, “If God is FOR US, who can be against us?” Couple this with Matthew 1 which calls Jesus “Immanuel”…God WITH US, and you have the comfort to know that God is for you and with you.

Pastor Rob went on to discuss our purpose for life in these two statements:

1. How we come to new life in Christ  – When we believe Jesus, we are born again like Jesus through the same Holy Spirit as Jesus!

2. How we live out our life in Christ – The moment we are born again we become a continuation of the incarnation! (We see this in Jesus’ command of the Great Commission)


Questions to discuss as a family today

1.What do you see in your head when you think about God? (scary, disinterested, rules, anger, Jesus, Father, etc…) Why is that your view of God?

2. What do you believe about Jesus?

3. Do you allow the incarnation of the Son of God to continue to present Good News through your life? How?


Spend time today contemplating the mystery of the incarnation and that Jesus is still with us now. Praise God for His plan of redemption and the gift of Immanuel. Confess any views that you have of the Father that do not line up with His character, and rest in His love and enjoy the fact that He is for you! Commit to be John 17 Christ-follower…a person that makes it clear to the Queen City that God sent Jesus and that He is for them.