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The Power of Last Words (Acts 20-28)

Aug 15, 2021
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The Power of Last Words (Acts 20-28)
This portion of Acts records Paul’s third major speech, and it is uniquely addressed to a Christian audience. This is his goodbye moment with the Ephesian elders, and he knows that he will not ever see them again. He begins by reminding them how he lived among them. Verses 19-21 remind us that he served the Lord with humility through tear and trials, and that he didn’t shrink from declaring and teaching who Jesus was. He also testified to both Jews and Greeks of 1. repentance toward God and 2. faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.
What Paul said in his message:
1. Live a life of integrity
2. Live with the End in mind – v28 – Pay careful attention to yourselves AND to all the flock
3. Live with “open hands” – “It is more blessed to give than to receive”
Turn your conversations towards Christ and allow the Holy Spirit to lead. Love well. Love generously. Speak well of the church because God paid for His Bride with the blood of His Son. It is precious to Him!
To Discuss Today:
1. Where are you vulnerable to lose integrity in your life? How do you guard against that temptation?
2. Who is your “flock”? How do you care for them with the “end in mind”? What matters the most to you for them?
3. Who are the “weak” around you that need a hand? What will you intentionally do to minister to their need?