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The Remarkable life of Christ – Mark 1:16-20 (part two)

Feb 20, 2022

Mark 1:16-20

Who you follow and what you follow really matters. This passage in Mark shows us what it means to follow Jesus. In the culture of the day, rabbis did not choose their disciples. Instead, a student with great schooling would ask a rabbi if he could follow him. This meant basically living life with him, and “following in the rabbi’s dust” as he walked closely behind him in life. Jesus, in a shocking decision for that historical time, SAW and ASKED these ordinary guys to follow Him.
Our culture today focuses so much on leadership, but anyone who is a follower of Jesus must learn how to follow immediately and completely. In Christ, all are followers! Verse 18 says, “And immediately they left their nets and followed Him.” Following Christ is not a one-time event, but a daily act of submitting to the Holy Spirit’s leading. Thankfully, the One that calls you to follow also SEES you (v16;19). He not only sees you as you are, but He sees you as you are meant to be! We must TRUST the One who is leading us, because He has our best at heart.
The disciples, 12 ordinary men, changed the world! They were martyred for their faith. People don’t sacrifice for a creed, doctrine, or religion. They believe in their bones in the One that they are following.
Here at Carmel, we have defined a disciple as “a follower of Jesus Christ in learning and living.” Disciples don’t just consume information to become more knowledgable. They live out what they learn. Our discipleship starts at salvation, but it certainly doesn’t stop there.
Questions to Consider:
  1. Who do you follow at home? At work? at school? in faith? in the community? on social media? What does it mean to follow in each of those contexts?
  2. When is a time that you immediately followed a leader in your life? Why did you follow that directive?
  3. How does the statement, “Jesus sees you as you are and sees you as you are meant to be” impact you?
  4. Evaluate your life under the definition of a disciple. How does you life look in light of this definition? Who are you really following? Where does Jesus stand in your life? How are you living?
  5. Remember to keep working on the definition of the gospel…the gospel is the good news of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and that through faith in Him we can be forgiven and reconciled to God.”