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The Soils

Apr 12, 2015
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Around the Camp Fire: Parables from King Jesus

Pastor Alex began a new series within our current series today as we began to look at the parables of Jesus in Matthew 13. This series matters because it teaches us how to live our lives as citizens of the Kingdom. The definition of a parable that we will use “is to lay something beside something else for teaching.” Jesus was a master story-teller to the point that 1/3 of all His recorded words in Scripture are parables. The disciples questioned why Jesus would teach this way. His answer was so that Truth could be revealed to those that wanted to know and could be concealed to those that were hard-hearted.

2 Tips for interpreting a parable:

  1. Know the context
  2. Identify the driving main thought

To an agricultural farming community, a parable about a sower and soil was so practical. Jesus graciously revealed the Truth of this parable to His audience. He focused on 4 soils:

Path – This person is so hard-hearted that they will not accept hearing the gospel. They need to have their heart softened by watering it.

Rocky Ground – There is a tiny layer of soil on top of a layer of rock. The roots cant’ grow deep. This person hears the gospel improperly, and when trials come, they wither. So much of our lives are spent on what people see about us, when what matters is below the surface – that part that only God sees.

Thorns – These people hear the word, but they are deceived by the world. Some find their security in riches, which are here today and gone tomorrow. Others spend too much time worrying.

Good Soil – For the farmer, a good return on sowing seed would have been about 15 fold, so when Jesus says the return will be 100, 60, or 30 fold, that was amazing to them. This person bears good fruit:

  1. By allowing others to see Jesus in them
  2. By feeding those around them with the fruit of the Spirit. Colossians 1:6


To discuss as a family today

1. Which soil represents your heart? Why?

2. Do you bear good fruit? Who are you feeding? (Think fruit of the spirit Gal 5:22)

3. Do you smell like smoke from sitting around the campfire with Jesus? Why?

You will reflect those you hang around…



Father, I feel so blessed to hear what Jesus said and to have the Holy Spirit to reveal what His words mean for my life. Holy Spirit, please reveal to me the soil of my heart, and till it to be good soil. I want to bear good fruit. Father, please forgive me for my complacency in sharing the good news of the gospel with __________________. I commit to you that I will feed them with the fruit of the spirit and will guide them to your Truth. Thank you for allowing the Truth of your word to penetrate my heart and grow me into the disciple of Jesus that you want me to be. Amen.