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The Wind and the Waves

Dec 28, 2016
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King Jesus and the Queen City

Today, our Young Adult Pastor, Justin Taylor, continued our King Jesus and the Queen City message series. As we study the Gospel of Matthew, our prayer is that Charlotte becomes known more for following King Jesus than for being the “Queen City.” The message this morning focused on the passage of Matthew 8:23-27.

This passage is more than a narrative of Jesus performing a miracle in a storm. He reveals a problem before the disciples that is greater than waves, wind, a sinking boat, and drowning. He asked, “Why are you afraid?”

Jesus expected the disciples to believe in the resurrection right there in the boat. Mark’s version of the narrative shows that the boat was filling with water. They were in danger of losing their lives. When they wake Him, Jesus rebukes them for a lack of faith. Should they have waited longer before waking Him? What amount of faith would have been enough?

Jesus is teaching us that His presence is greater than anything we could fear, even death. He expects his disciples to face danger with unshakable faith in His presence, not only His power. As we see in Psalm 23, fear is removed when we understand that Christ is always with us. He leads us through paths of righteousness that include pain and struggles. Real peace comes not in the absence of difficulties, but resting in the person of Christ.

Compare the narrative in Matthew 8:23-27 with the record of Stephen’s death in Acts 7:54-60. In a moment of great pain and persecution, the faithful servant of Christ looked to Christ, saw His glory, forgave those killing him, and rested eternally in the peace of his Lord Jesus. The reality of Christ’s resurrection provides every believer with miraculous hope.

How can we embrace a “Peace Be Still” attitude? 

1. Follow the Pain- Jesus is present in the places where the pain is the greatest.
2. Live in Community- God has called us and encourages us through other believers. Are you connected in a Discipleship Community at Carmel?
3. Cry- In brokenness, we find God’s help.
4. Call on the Name of the Lord- Change the “he’s” to “you” and speak to God not about Him. In prayer, we have the privilege to take our pain directly to the Lord.
5. Rest- God invites us to rest in Him, a rhythm that must be intentional.
6. Listen- God is speaking, but we must realize His presence and listen to Him.

To discuss as a family today

1. What are some things we desire to control in our lives (Pastor Justin talked about the indoor climate with A/C and heat)? How does Christ orient our lives to trust Him when we cannot control the circumstances?
2. How does the reality of Christ’s resurrection change our lives today?
3. Which of the six points listed above do you find most difficult to embrace?


Praise God for the resurrection hope we have in Christ. Worship Him for being peace in the midst of every trial and storm. Confess to God that our faith is sometime shaken. Ask the Lord to give us the strength and trust we need to walk with Him the path of righteousness and to glorify Him in all things.