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Unlikely: Mary

Dec 22, 2019
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Unlikely: Mary
The Lord and Savior of the world came to us through a thirteen or fourteen year old girl named Mary. She was a most unlikely person because the birth of Jesus would be to a virgin. This truth reminds us that we serve the One true God who can do the impossible and delights in performing miracles.
The virgin birth of Christ can cause doubts. Skeptics to Christianity find this doctrine to be foolish. By faith, believers in Christ and His word marvel and wonder at the way the God Man came to us. At Christmas, we remember and rejoice in the fact that God does unimaginable things and shows superabundant grace.
We affirm the virgin birth of Christ as a cornerstone belief of our faith. Why is this a big deal?
  • The virgin birth affirms the deity of Christ. He is “God with us” – Emmanuel.
  • The virgin birth preserves the humanity of Christ. He understands us. He was tempted but did not sin.
  • The virgin birth affirms the trustworthiness of the Bible. He fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies. For example, “Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.” (Isaiah 7:14)
When Mary saw the angel, Gabriel, and heard that she would give birth to the Son of God, she was troubled and afraid. Yet, through honest doubt, humility, and a desire to serve God faithfully, Mary’s faith led her to obedience. The favor and grace of God rested on her.
We must remember today that the grace and love of God casts out fear. With our focus intently on the Lord Jesus and a heart’s desire to follow Him, the grace of God covers our anxieties, our pain, our weaknesses, our troubles, and most importantly, our sin.
Mary was unlikely. We are unlikely. God is wondrous. God is with us. Merry Christmas, Carmel family!
To Discuss Today:
What would you say if an angel of God appeared and  gave you an impossible assignment?
When was a moment that God’s grace impacted a fear that you experienced?
Through the message from God, Mary grew in wisdom during this moment. How can studying God’s word and applying the teachings of the Bible in 2020 increase your faith?