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Unlikely: Mephibosheth

Nov 24, 2019
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Unlikely: Mephibosheth
In 2 Samuel 9, we observe an act of unbelievable grace. The great King David sought out and invited an unlikely man to sit at his table daily and become a part of his family. Mephibosheth was crippled at a young age and had spent most of his life hiding from David in a barren place called Lo-Debar. As the grandson of Saul, those caring for him assumed that David would seek to kill him.
David, however, was moved to show unimaginable love (the Hebrew word is chesed) for several reasons:
  • David possessed remarkable gratitude toward God for the grace and mercy that he had received.
  • David had made a promise to Jonathan (his best friend and Mephibosheth’s father) to bless his offspring.
  • David’s heart was ruled by the compassion of God rather than vengeance for Saul’s evil deeds.
Mephibosheth came to King David with nothing to offer. David welcomed the unlikely castaway into his home and his life with no expectation of gain. This life-changing picture is a glimpse of what God would accomplish when Christ Jesus came to seek and save the lost.
As those who have been forgiven of all our sin by our holy God, Christians should be the most kind and compassionate people in our community. When we reflect upon the death of our Lord, we rejoice in opportunities to show unbelievable grace toward others. Our lives are defined by His work of love, patience, goodness, and peace as we walk in the Spirit of God.
To Discuss Today:
If a “Thanksgiving Dinner” would have occurred 3000 years ago at King David’s table, what do you think Mephibosheth would have been thankful for? For what would David have given thanks?
How does the fact that we are “grace receivers” encourage us to be “grace givers?”
As you think about the last seven days, did you seek revenge in any way? Did you seek to bless anyone? What does it look like at school, work, in your neighborhood, or at home to bless someone with unbelievable kindness?
Complete this sentence, “I am a _________.” Does the word or phrase reflect guilt or shame? Does your answer proclaim the goodness and work of God in you as His son or daughter? How does our view of God and ourselves affect the way that we see and respond to others?