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Walking With Jesus: Fear, Faith, and the Glory of Christ

Jan 3, 2021
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Walking With Christ: Fear, Faith, and the Glory of Christ
Matthew 14:22-32 gives us the account of the storm on the Sea of Galilee. The disciples were in the boat and a powerful storm comes up quickly. Jesus walks by the disciples on the water, and then focuses on their faith and His glory.
Three keys:
1. Jesus is using this experience to reveal the disciple’s faith. He made them get in the boat and He didn’t go with them. He tested them.
Test – This is something from God that pulls us towards faith
Temptation – This is NOT from God that pulls us away from faith
2. He reveals His glory. He does this by driving them to a place of faith. Jesus is above the tumult and upheaval. Mark 6:48 says, “He meant to pass by them.” Why? Jesus is reminding them of Exodus 33:21-23 and 1 Kings 19:11-12 where Moses and Elijah got to see a portion of His glory. The disciple’s response was fear, but Jesus said, “Take heart, I am”. Moses saw the backside of God. Elijah heard God’s glory, but the disciples saw the glory of God in the face of Christ and a triumphant I am.
What you need this year is to see His glory. Our view of Him can never be too great. His glory is there on the mountain top and in the storm.
3. Jesus shows them His goodness. The disciples went to a storm, but Jesus went to pray. Then, in their time of need, Jesus came near to them. (Remember, Jesus is our forever High Priest who intercedes for us continually!) The disciples had no power to get to Him. He came to them.
Peter asked, “Can I come to you?” He believed Jesus could do that. In a moment of faith, he just stepped out to where Jesus was. He had his idea of security behind him, a storm all around him, and Jesus in front of him. Unfortunately, even when he was right next to Jesus, he took his eyes off of him and put his circumstances in focus and began to sink. But Jesus reached out His hand and helped him.
The disciple’s response to all of this in Matthew 14:33 is, ‘Truly, you are the Son of God.”