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When You Pray: Week 2

Jun 2, 2024
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When You Pray: Week 2

When Jesus was asked, “What is the greatest commandment”, He answered with the Shema (Deut 6:4-6), the Jewish confession. But Jesus didn’t stop there. He owned it, added to it, and made it revolutionary by saying, “and you shall love your neighbor as yourself.” He took a God focused prayer and added an “others” focus as well. This allowed us to see His heart for God and for us.

In the Lord’s prayer He says, “Hallowed be Thy Name”. Hallowed means “to make holy” or “to separate” which points out that God is separate from anything on earth.

When we pray “Hallowed by Thy name,” we are setting God apart in our thinking and feeling. We are treating Him with all the respect that is due His character.

We see from Moses’ encounter in Exodus 34 that God’s name is who He is. See also Psalm 5:11 and 9:10. This means that when we pray “Hallowed be Thy name”, we are recognizing all of God’s attributes and are recognizing who He is.

And remember, Jesus is the name above every other name!

Assignment this week:

Find the names, titles, and references for God in the Bible. This will give you an understanding of Who He is and how He works in your life. Once you have identified these names, speak these names. Spend this week looking up to the Father.