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Bait of the Wicked

May 10, 2015
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Around the Campfire…Parables from King Jesus

In Matthew 13:47-50, Jesus tells the Parable of the Net, which uses a fishing analogy to help us understand the “end of the age.” At the coming judgment, every person from every country, and language, and nation and time period will be gathered by the “fishing net” of God; none will be missed. Those who rejected Christ in this life will go to a Christ-less eternity filled will conscious punishment, which we call hell. Those who are right with God through Christ will go to a Christ-filled place of joy and glory. Separation from the beauty and majesty and glory of Christ is what defines hell.

If we truly understand and appreciate God’s beauty and glory and majesty, and what it would be like to spend eternity without Him, we should have these three responses:

1) Absolute Joy for the Righteous – We have confidence in spending eternity with Christ.

2) Utter terror and fear for the Wicked – There are no second chances.

3) Those who are Righteous should have a deep burden for the Wicked.

We can get so caught up in our own lives that we lose perspective on the great importance of evangelism. Every day, each person moves one step closer to judgment. God has called us to share the good news that this world is not our home, and that through Christ, God has made a way of salvation.

To discuss as a family today

1. Why is it important to be reminded of the coming judgment? What is your response to the “fork in the road” which comes at the end of time?

2. Do you have a burden for the lost? Have you ever cried over a lost person’s soul? Discuss the things or patterns in your life that might be distracting you from thinking clearly about the eternal life of those around you.

3. Why do people reject the salvation offered by Christ? Who do you know who rejects Christ? It might be a friend, relative, neighbor, or people group. Write down at least one name and commit to pray each day this week that God would open their heart and mind towards repentance.

Here are the five passages Pastor Alex suggested to help you pray for the lost using the Bible as your Prayer Book:


Father, I pray for the salvation of _________. I recognize that you do not delight in the punishment of the wicked, but delight to give salvation to those who call upon you. I ask that you would open the eyes of my friend who is blind to your love that they may turn to you in repentance. Put in my heart a desire and burden for those who don’t know you. Remove the hardness of my heart towards the wicked, because that is what I once was. Thank you for the great kindness of sending your Son to die for me, and give me boldness to proclaim this good news.