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Good Tired

Mar 15, 2015
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King Jesus and the Queen City
This morning, Pastor Alex asked the question, “What does your Sabbath rest look like?” Last week, we examined the “bad tired.” In our passage today, Matthew 12:1-14, Jesus addresses the issue of a “good tired” and the needed rest God provides in the Sabbath.

The Pharisees viewed the Sabbath from the position of Law and accused Jesus’ disciples of breaking the Sabbath by working (plucking some grain in a field). Their position against Jesus had changed from reacting to His teachings and miracles to a desire to remove Him (verse 14).

Jesus takes this moment to teach that the Sabbath is a gift from God. The body needs rhythmic rest. By the grace of God we are given the Sabbath. In contrast, the Pharisees had applied 39 layers of rules upon this simple concept. God, however, wants our heart, not the shell of religion that appears to follow the rules. Jesus underscores this point by healing the man with the withered hand in the synagogue. By showing mercy, Jesus illustrated that He is Lord of the Sabbath and that doing good is not in opposition to rest.

In considering our Sabbath rest, we should:
1. Remember that the Sabbath comes from the Creation account not from the Law. The Sabbath is good for health, wholeness, and renewal. It is a sacred space on our weekly schedule.

2. Lead our family in refreshment. Instead of filling our Sabbath day with activities, we should connect with God and each other in meaningful ways.

3. On our weekly calendar, the Sabbath is the first day, not the last. By starting with the day of rest, we begin our week focused on Christ and rely on His strength to face the week.

To discuss as a family today
1. What does Sabbath rest look like for your family?

2. What are some barriers to Sabbath rest and renewal for your home?

3. What is an example of mercy or kindness that could “interrupt” your Sabbath?

Father God, we thank you for the gift of the Sabbath rest. We pray that you would renew our hearts, minds, souls, and strength as we focus upon Your love and grace. We pray that your Holy Spirit would lead us in a rest that glorifies You.