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Live Love; 1 John 5:13-21

Nov 27, 2022
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1 John 5:13-21

John ends his letter by giving his readers assurance that they can count on. These three assurances are:

Assurance of eternal life (5:13)

The word believe speaks of a conviction based on a testimony. It is reliable. As we grow, we see God’s faithfulness, which will give us boldness.

Assurance in prayer (5:14-17)

We can put our faith and trust in our prayer relationship with God. We can go to Him with anything. There is a bold confidence, but there is a cheerfulness because we know who He is. God’s discipline produces the best, most loving outcome for us.

We can ask anything, but not in the way that the culture says. We must ask it in His sovereign will. We must ask according to God’s authority that He knows what is best. We must let go of our sense of control. He not only hears us, but He understands us.

Assurance of God’s protection (5:18-21)

You can have assurance that you are rightly living before God. We are protected from Satan in that our salvation can never be taken. We are also protected from false doctrines.


Rest assured that in Jesus you have eternal life.

Rest assured that Jesus hears your prayers.

Rest assured that your life is guided and protected by Jesus.