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Nehemiah: Leaders work out the plan

Sep 22, 2013
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Leaders Work Out the Plan

This morning we continued our journey through Nehemiah by looking at Chapter 3. The people of Jerusalem were apathetic and complacent about rebuilding the wall, so Nehemiah enthusiastically gave them a vision and a plan. He rode around the city (about 2 miles) in a counter-clockwise direction and laid out the plan for each part of the wall. The plan was SIMPLE and easy for the people to understand. He had SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE to do, and he encouraged them by SAYING THEIR NAMES and helping them feel included and encouraged. Everyone worked on the wall in their area, and had ownership of the process.


1. Leaders ask good questions

2. Leaders are knees before sleeves people

3. Leaders plan

4. Leaders cast vision

5. Leaders work out the plan…


Questions to discuss as a family today

1. What are those problems that keep you up at night? (marriage, kids, friendship, house, school…) **Pray together (see prayer below)** and then break the problem down into simple steps and write it down! Work on those steps as a family and encourage one another.

2. What is your place in your family? At Carmel? In your job? Own the fact that you have a place and make sure you are able to own your part.

3. Do you know the individual names of the families in the 4 houses that are closest to you? Have you prayed for them, by name, recently? Why or why not?

Get out some notecards and write down the names of the families (and individuals in them) on those cards. Place the cards in the center of your kitchen table and start (or continue) praying for a family each day.



Take some time praising God and thanking Him for knowing your name and your circumstances (Isaiah 43:1, John 10:14). Confess to Him what is on your mind and what causes you to stay awake at night. Humbly ask Him to give you wisdom to know a plan that can bring hope, healing, and solutions to the problem. Submit the steps that you have already written down (Question1) Commit to the Lord that you will prayerfully work out the plan and follow the Holy Spirit’s guiding in your life.

Take some time and pray for your street and the people on your street BY NAME. Commit that you will love and serve your neighbors by knowing them and their needs. Thank God for giving us the ability to live in relationship.