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Psalm 119 | The Word is a Lamp to Our Feet

Jul 19, 2020
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Summer in the Psalms: 
Psalm 119 – The Word is a Lamp to Our Feet

The book of Psalms is a rich book of great depth, richness, emotion, and raw humanity. It depicts a walk with God through both good and bad times. It details for us how to take steps into a deeper walk with God.

Athletes train hard in order to compete for a win. Merely loving victory will not bring it to pass. In the same way the blessing of an intimate walk with God does not come without some effort on our part. God brings the growth but we must prepare the soil of our hearts by studying His word.

Joyfully submitting to God’s Word is the foundation for a life God rewards. Psalm 119 contains more references to submission to Scripture than all the New Testament to does for wives submitting to husbands and children submitting to parents as important as that is.

There is no magic wand. This is God’s design for our growth. Psalm 119 tells us there is a causative agent that is at work to lead us to a blessed life. That agent is a joyful submission to God’s Word. His Word informs our freedoms and boundaries that steer you and me into a life of blessing and protection (v.1,2; 28-30).

His Word also shapes our worldview (v.89, 90). Your worldview is the lens through which you see the culture. It shapes your view of the times in which we live. We are reminded in James 1:5 to ask God for wisdom. But be careful not to place God on a “shelf” only to seek Him when you are in trouble. Rather ask Him to give you a love for His Word (97).

These truths rest on what we see in verse 105. “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Have you ever been lost on a trip and had to stop and ask directions? God’s Word gives us direction and helps us avoid pitfalls.

The American Bible Society conducted a survey about the state of the Bible which revealed some key findings. Among faithful believers who attend church nearly every week, only 16% actually study Scripture with the view of how it informs how they make decisions.

Ask these three questions as you study God’s Word.
What does it say?
What does it mean?
How do I do it?

Don’t use Scripture just because it’s helpful to you. Rather deeply study His Word so that you will experience transformation in how you think and act.

To Discuss Today:
  • How do you want God to work in your life?
  • How does God’s Word shape your worldview?
  • Is your time in God’s word better described as joyful submission or legalistic? What is the difference?