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Psalm 46 | Be Still and Know

Jun 28, 2020
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Summer in the Psalms: Psalm 46 – Be Still and Know
Psalm 46 is a Psalm of trust during a time of uncertainty, and it reminds us of Who is in control. It begins, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” God is the safe place. He is the stronghold, and the place where we find help. Jesus was beside the disciples, but in Christ, we have the Holy Spirit who is IN us. He is with us!
As the “very present help”, God is the One to empower us. He assists us. God is looking for people who will say, “I can’t, but you can through me.” He is the refuge and He strengthens us as The Helper.
Because we know and believe the truth of verse one, we can say verse 2, “Therefore, we will not fear…” We can walk through anything because of verse 1. Although there may be a lot of scary things happening in the world around us, we have security knowing that the God of covenant-keeping is our fortress.
Within the 11 verses of Psalm 46, a name of God is used 11 times. Verse 8 is significant because the name used for God changes from Elohim to Yahweh, the relational name God gave to His people.
Then Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God”. From looking at Jesus, we can be still because of the relationship we have. There is a time to plan, strategize, and move. But…there is a time to cease striving. We can stop trying to figure it all out and let Him handle it!
The word “know” is YADAH, which means “to know intimately” as in how Adam knew Eve. We need to acknowledge God.
To Discuss Today:
1. Make a declaration of trust each day this week by calling out the names of God. Say something like, “You are ____________. Therefore, I will not fear.
2. This Psalm is full of plural pronouns. This shows us that we, as a body, walk through tough times together. Who is your community these days?
3. Where are places in your life that the enemy has moved you to a place of emotional isolation? How will you overcome that isolation?