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Reap: Unity

Feb 21, 2016
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The Cultivate Challenge – Reap Sunday
We see throughout history that when people are unified around a common purpose, then great things happen. Why is unity so important?
1. It is good and pleasant
2. It is powerful
3. Jesus prayed for it while He was praying for us!
John 17:20-24 shows us why unity as the body of Christ is so important. Jesus prayed, “…that they may become perfectly one, SO THAT the world may know that ou send me AND loved them even as you loved me.” This prayer shows us that unity in the body of Christ is culture-shaping and a powerful representation of the Trinity.
So, how do we walk out this unity?
1. Unity is not uniformity – the Holy Trinity is made up of the persons of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Yet, they are perfectly One at the same time. Jesus, in us, is the part of each of us that is the same. Jesus defines us…not race, socio-economic standing, etc…
2. When we bear one another’s joys and burdens – Romans 12:9-18
3. When we work at it – Ephesians 4:1-3
4. When we think about it – 1 Peter 3
5. When we get an attitude – Philippians 2:2-9 We must have an attitude of humility, and must not look only at our own interests or desires.
6. When we love each other deeply – 1 Peter 4:8
There is no greater gift to a hateful world than the love of Christ.
To discuss today
1. How do you acknowledge the value of others and honor them? How does the Student Discipleship Center fit into this thought process?
2. What can you do to help facilitate unity in the body of Christ at Carmel?
3. What does it mean to you that “love is really all we need”?
4. Have you committed to the Cultivate Challenge? Today is the day for turning in your commitment. You can do that here.
Father, I believe Jesus’ prayer and surrender that to you today. I receive the glory that you have given to me, and I believe that you sent Jesus for the world. Father, help us be united in Christ to show the world that you sent Him and that you love all. I pray that through this unity, that our country would turn back to you. I believe that a part of your plan at Carmel is to build the Student Discipleship Center, and I trust you for the resources needed. Thank you for showing me what my part is in that undertaking. Help us, as a church, to understand that we can make eternal impact in the culture around us!