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Resurrection Sunday 2023

Apr 9, 2023
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Apr 09, 2023

Resurrection Sunday

John 20:1-17 proclaims that Resurrection Sunday is not only a big deal for those that follow Jesus Christ, it is THE DEAL! This is the life-changing and history defining moment that caused dead men and women to become alive!

Why is it a big deal?

  1. Christ’s resurrection insures our regeneration! (1 Peter 1:13) We can be born again and have an abundant life in Christ.
  2. Christ’s resurrection insures our justification! (Romans 4:25) This is the only time Paul explicitly connects Christ’s resurrection with our justification. You are found NOT GUILTY in Jesus.
  3. Christ’s resurrection guarantees ours. He is the first-fruits. Just as Christ was resurrected, there will be more to come for us. This life is temporary. We will be joined together with those that have gone before us.

Blessings of our Adoption:

  1. We have a Father (1 John 3:1) – We were pursued, chosen, and wanted. You are adopted into His family!
  2. We have siblings (Galatians 3:26) – We are not built to live alone. The resurrection makes us family, and it is a unifying event for believers.

In verse 16, Jesus spoke Mary’s name, and she realized who He was. Everything changed when she heard her name. God knew your name before you were born (Psalm 139). When you hear your name, you feel seen. God speaks your name as a loving Father. He knows you, sees, you, and loves you!

He is Risen Indeed!