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Root 66 – 1 Chronicles

Apr 9, 2017
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Root 66 – 1 Chronicles
Chronicles is a very important book in that it is the end of the Jewish Bible, the TaNaK.
Torah Navi’im Ketuvim
Moses Prophets Writings
The Chronicles was written at the same time as 2 Samuel and the Kings. It was probably written by Ezra. The other books at this time were written from a political perspective, but Chronicles was written from a spiritual perspective after the exile from Babylon. The 40,000 adventuresome that returned home came back to rubble. The entire infrastructure was destroyed. But even in that devastation, Ezra was reminding the people that GOD IS FAITHFUL TO WHAT HE PROMISES.
Ezra reminds them that there will be a Son of David who will sit on the throne forever. 1 Chronicles 17:11-14 describes the covenant, which was temporarily fulfilled through Solomon, but eternally through Jesus.
Psalm 89 and Isaiah 9 both reference the Davidic Covenant. In Matthew 9, 21, and 23 also reference Jesus as the Son of David. Testimony is shared from blind men to Pharisees. Matthew is reminding the Jewish people of their heritage. Heritage for the Jews is so important–land, rights, class, etc.
Chronicles begins with the genealogy of Jewish history, and ends with an incomplete story of awaiting the Savior. Matthew begins with the genealogy of Jesus, who is the Savior!
Scriptures of God’s Faithfulness:
Psalm 33; 57:10; 85:10; 89:14; 92; 105; and 145:5-6
God’s character is NOT attached to what we see. He NEVER ceases to be good.
To Discuss Today:
1. Who is Jesus to you? Have you made Him in your image?
2. Read Matthew 21 about the Triumphal Entry, and see God’s faithfulness in Jesus’ fulfillment of prophesy.