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Root 66 – Daniel

Jul 30, 2017
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Root 66: Daniel
The book of Daniel is considered the Revelation of the Old Testament. As the last major prophet in our Bible, Daniel is seen as a signpost pointing to the Savior. He was taken in the first wave of the exile (605 BC) at the age of 15, and spent his life in exile watching kings come and go. He stayed faithful to God throughout his life, and was used to show God’s sovereignty. Sovereignty is defined as “the exercising of God’s power over His creation.”
To see a great overview of this challenging book, watch the summary of Daniel in The Bible Project here.
Chapters 1-6    Daniel and Friends
Chapters 7-12  Daniel’s Visions and Prayer
Daniel and his friends were challenged to compromise their beliefs and bow down to the gods of the Babylonians. They stood their ground and had faith in their Lord. Risking death, they never compromised and God honored their faithfulness. Daniel was led into exile at age 15, but did not encounter the Lion’s Den until the age of about 80. He lived a lifetime in a context that mocked His God. He never wavered.
To Discuss Today:
1. Are you stronger in your faith now than you were when you were younger? What has shaped you to answer this way?
2. Do you believe in the sovereignty of God? Do you trust that he knows everything about you and everyone else that has ever lived? Do you trust his sovereignty? Even in the matter of life and death? Discuss.