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Root 66 – Galatians

Mar 4, 2018
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Root 66: Galatians
Galatians is Paul’s most intense letter. Paul opens the letter straight to the point and avoids the opening characteristics of his other letters. The reason for this is that Paul was addressing a very serious issue occurring in Galatia – the distortion of the Gospel.
Breakdown of Galatians
1-2     Paul defends the Gospel
3-4     Paul explains the Gospel
5-6     Paul explains how to walk in the freedom of the Holy Spirit
Pastor Alex explained how that the Gospel is never Jesus plus something, it’s Jesus plus nothing. He also shared that the purpose of signs is to point us somewhere and the Gospel is a sign that is pointing in the direction we need go.
Paul’s purpose in this book is to address groups that we’re distorting the Gospel. The Judaizers were adding to the Gospel as a form of legalism and the Libertines were abusing the grace of the Gospel.
In light of this, Pastor Alex explained that what happens on the “inside” affects our “outside”. He challenged us to look at the three ways we can live based off of Paul’s words in Galatians.
Are we:
1. Walking in grace through the power of the Holy Spirit
2. Adding to the Gospel like the Judaizers
3. Abusing the grace of the Gospel like the Libertines
Questions to Consider:
1. Why does understanding the Gospel matter?
2. How are you living your life based off the three ways Paul addressed in Galatians?
3. What is preventing you from walking in the freedom of the Gospel?