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Root 66 – Hebrews

May 20, 2018
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Root 66: Hebrews
Hebrews was written to a group of Jewish Christians that were giving up and abandoning the faith. It is a critical book for us today because the culture around us is challenging the Truth of Christ. This book’s purposes are to tell us that “Jesus is better”, and to give us a clear understanding of the person, power, and nature of Jesus so that we can influence the culture around us.
Chapter 1:1-3 is a powerful description of Jesus. The book begins by reminding us that “long ago”, God spoke intermittently through the prophets, but now Jesus speaks constantly through His Word and His personhood.
– Jesus is the radiance of the glory of God – He is a direct connection to God as rays are
  to the sun.
– Jesus is the exact imprint of His nature – He is like the wax imprint from a seal on a letter.
  He and the Father are one. He is God.
– He upholds the universe – He maintains the intricacies and bigness of the universe with
  the power of His Word! (Colossians 1:16-17)
 -Purification for sins – The highest thing He has done, more than making everything (out
  of nothing), is making purification for sin. He was the sinless Lamb that took our sin.
 -He sat down at the right hand of the Father – The priests NEVER sat down, because they
  were constantly sacrificing for the sins of the people. Jesus was finished. He did it once
  for all! Your sins are forgiven in Him if you ask Him.
This letter says “Jesus is better” 11 times and “therefore” 21 times.
Ch. 12:1-4 speaks of the race we are on. In the ancient world, a race judge stood at the end of the race holding up the prize (v2 – looking to Jesus). Jesus IS the prize that we look to. Keep your eyes fixed on Him.
Questions to Consider:
1. Talk about the bigness of the universe, and what it means that Jesus keeps all of that going in perfect harmony with His words. How does that impact you in how He can handle what you are going through?
2. How does the book of Hebrews guide you to speak to the culture around you? What do those in your circle of influence believe about Jesus?
3. What “blows you off course” in your race of life? What do you do to ensure you keep your gaze on Jesus?