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Songs of Christmas; Song of Zechariah

Dec 8, 2013
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Songs of Christmas

Today Pastor Alex started a Christmas series around the worship that people entered into when they were told about the birth of Jesus. Today focused on the song of Zechariah in Luke 1. Zachariah and his wife, Elizabeth, were in a dark place in their lives. King Herod was ruling (obviously not the Messiah) and they were barren, which was viewed as judgement from God. Zachariah was a priest who happened to be called upon to light the incense in the temple. While in there, Gabriel, an angel of the Lord, told him that he would have a son that would prepare the people for the Messiah! Zechariah realized that he had hope no matter the circumstances in his life. His life had purpose, and God answered his life of faithful prayer! After months of being mute, the first thing out of Zechariah’s mouth was worship.


Questions to discuss as a family today

1. What circumstances have you in a “dark place” this Christmas season?

2. Do you believe that you have purpose in life no matter your circumstances? Why and What?

3. Take time to sing a song of worship together in your home. (Joy to the World, Away in a Manger, Angels We have Heard on High) How do you describe the joy you feel when you know that Jesus is our Savior and the light of the world?



Thank God for His gift of Jesus. Confess where you are hurting this Christmas season, and ask the Holy Spirit to encourage you and remind you of your purpose. Commit that you will choose joy even in the dark times because the gift of Jesus brings light to your life. Rest in Him.