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The Cost of Discipleship

Nov 9, 2014
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King Jesus and the Queen City
Pastor Clay led us this morning to look at the cost of discipleship. As a church, we have defined a disciple as “a follower of Christ in learning and living”. A disciple is not someone who is working up to the cross, but one who is working out his life in Christ.

Matthew 8:18-22 gives us two examples of those wanting to follow Christ. The first is a scribe, or teacher, who would have been like a pastoral team member at the church in Capernaum. Jesus’ response shows him that being a disciple means self denial, sacrifice, service, and suffering. Jesus is rejected everywhere….including heaven. The second example is of a man who is clearly a disciple because he calls Jesus, “Lord”. This man references his duty of burying his father before he goes with Jesus. Jesus’ response shows that we must be willing to follow Him with no reservations. It must take precedence over everything!

In Matthew 9:9-13 we see the call of Matthew (Yes, the Matthew that wrote the gospel). Matthew was a tax collector. Tax collectors were the most despicable people of the day, and even had their own category of sinner. A Jewish tax collector was seen as a traitor. Matthew was doing his job in the city when Jesus said, “follow me”. Matthew left everything. He could never go back to his lucrative job. We see in Luke 5:27-32 that Matthew prepared a feast for Jesus at his home and invited his friends to share a meal with Jesus. Sharing a meal around a table represented friendship, fellowship, and intimacy. Obviously, the Pharisees were outraged that Jesus would have been seen with the lowest of sinners.

Jesus was willing to be with people that needed him. We see a notorious willingness from Jesus to be with those he “shouldn’t” be with. Remember, religion without goodness and kindness is worthless.

The Cost of discipleship looks different for all of us, but we will all be required to let go of something dear.

To discuss as a family today
1. Do you have a “notorious willingness” to be with society’s “worst”? How is that reflected in your life?

2. What would Carmel look like if we truly understood the cost of discipleship? In ministry? With our money? With our time? Our campus? Our worship?

3. What people or things take you undivided affection from Jesus?

Father, thank you for sending Jesus to rescue me from my depravity. Jesus, I praise you for your willingness to be rejected by everyone, including your own Father, for me. I choose today to give you my undivided affection. I confess that I have put ___________ in front of you. Please forgive me and help me make the things of earth grow strangely dim in the light of your glory and grace. I choose today to turn my eyes to you. Father, please reveal to me, through the guiding of your Spirit, those that need you. Help me remember that the sick need you and the despicable in our society need you. I confess that I need you. Thank you for your love and patience as I try to live an abundant life in you.