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The Fruit of Freedom – Freedom from the Law

Mar 24, 2019
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The Fruit of Freedom – Freedom from the Law
As Paul continues to equip the people of Galatia to know and live out the gospel, he asks a lot of questions regarding their understanding of the gospel. He reminds them that the same grace that was there at the point of their salvation is still all that is needed. They do not need to add anything else (works) to it.
He then begins to remind them of Abraham, and the promise that God gave to him. In verse 6, he writes “Abraham ‘believed’ God, and it was counted to him as righteousness.” Abraham didn’t just believe IN God, but he believed that what God said was true. Abraham wasn’t circumcised, but was given God’s promise. Understanding grace is one of the most freeing things in life. Faith like Abraham is being about what God does as opposed to what we do.
Paul then goes on to connect the Scriptures to Jesus.
Verse 10 (Deut 27:26) Man is under a curse, but Jesus took the curse.
Verse 11 (Hab 2:4)
Verse 12 (Lev 18:5)
Verse 13 (Deut 21:23)
Jesus was our substitute. He took our place. We were cursed and could not get over this curse, so He became the curse on our behalf! In verse 15, Paul reminds us that the promise came to Abraham. The law came later, but doesn’t annul the promise. For the Judaizers, the law was making the gospel more than it was in that it took effort to obey the law to be saved. BUT…we see in Genesis 15 that the covenant God made with Abraham was fulfilled by only God. There wasn’t anything Abraham could do. The promise proceeds the law!
So why the law? Verse 19 shows us that the law is there to point out sin. Now, we are called into holiness. Our obedience isn’t about salvation. Instead, it is a desire to live like Christ and look like Him. The law protects as guardrails, and reminds us to not be “stuck” in our sin.
To discuss today:
1. When did you give your heart to Christ? What was your heart like before you trusted Him for salvation? (Remember, it is healthy to look back and see our depravity and need for Jesus.)
2. Continue to ask the Holy Spirit to show you where you are “adding” to the gospel with thoughts of “doing” for God to gain His favor. Remember, the gospel is Jesus + nothing!