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The Fruit of Freedom – Freedom to Help One Another

Apr 28, 2019
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Fruit of Freedom – Freedom to Help One Another
Remember, this whole letter of Galatians was written to a people that had the false belief that the gospel was Jesus + circumcision. In that light, we look at Chapter 5 and see what it means to “bear one another’s burdens”. In verse 1, we see that the word is not confront, it is “restore”, and it is written to the body of Christ that is seen as “family”. “Caught” means, “overtaken, taken by surprise, or entangled”. Often, people fall into sin and don’t realize how they even got there. They are to be confronted by “the spiritual”, which is anyone who is in Christ and walking in the Spirit.
The word “restore” comes from KATARTIZDO, which is the word for “setting a broken bone” or “mending a torn net”. This shows us that restoration is uncomfortable, but it is healthy and right. When we confront someone, we should do it with gentleness. Gentleness is strength with humility (Gal 5:26). We should look at our own heart first and make sure we are not filled with conceit. Too often we feel either inferior or superior to others. That is all a wrong way to look at others. As C.S. Lewis stated, “Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself, less.”
In verse 2, a burden is a heavy weight or stone, which shows us that we are not to be self-sufficient. It is love to restore another and Christ is the ultimate example of this. The chapter goes on to tell us to not be self-absorbed, but to look at Christ and follow Him. Don’t get caught up in comparing yourself to another. Verse 5 speaks of “carrying his own load”. Load is a term for a soldier’s backpack that is filled for a journey. We all have a load to carry, but we need to help carry one another’s burdens.
To discuss today:
1. Is there a habitual sin that you need to restore a brother from?
2. Are you willing to listen to others that are willing to restore you?
3. What opportunity has God given you to carry someone else’s burdens?