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The Holy Spirit: Sent to Sustain

Dec 20, 2020
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The Holy Spirit Sent to Sustain
A part of God’s nature is that He is a sending God. There are over 200 instances in Scripture where God is the subject of the verb “sent”. As ones who are made in the image of God, we too have a “sent-ness” about our nature. Is 6:8 is a good example of how being sent changed Isaiah’s life. Other examples are Malachi 3:1 and John 1:6. God is the one who “sends” and Jesus is the one who is “sent”.
The Holy Spirit is one of the three persons of the Trinity. He was there at the beginning (Gen 1:1-2). We see from Him momentary “bright spots” before Pentecost. Other important Scriptures: John 14:24 and 26; John 15:21 and 26-27; John 16:5-6; 7-11.
To be sent means to  send toward a designated goal or purpose.
The Holy Spirit is Sent:
1. Implies a sending from someone – John 3:16-17
2. Done with purpose – there is a reason. Acts 2:1-4 – His primary purpose is to lift up the Son of God.
3. Speaks of motion and movement – He is always acting on behalf of creation.
Why was the Holy Spirit sent to us?
1. Creation – Colossians 1
2. Inspired and reveals Scripture – HS inspired man to write the word. Illumiates the word for us.
3. Regenerating Believers – Gives new life.
4. Baptizing of Believers -we are baptized with the HS at conversion.
5. Sealing of Believers – HS is a promise to seal us to the end. No self effort.
6. Indwelling of Believers – He moves in and lets us be His house.
7. Filling of Believers – He does the filling, and it is a daily opportunity for us.
8. Interceding for Believers – He groans for us when we can’t even speak.
9. Guides Believers – He leads us to conversations, places, ideas, and speaks to our heart.
10. Produces Fruit – the fruit of the Spirit is available to us when we Abide in Christ.
We NEED the Holy Spirit! We need to surrender our pride and humbly allow the Holy Spirit to fill us, to teach us, to inspire us, and to lead us.
To Discuss Today:
1. Each day this week, ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate the Bible to you in a way that you haven’t seen before. He will be faithful to do that!
2. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to someone that needs encouragement. He will do that! Be obedient to follow His promptings.
3. Ask the Holy Spirit if there is any way that you are grieving Him, and allow your heart and mind to adjust to more of Him and less of you!