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The Remarkable life of Christ: The New Covenant – Mark 14:12-25

Aug 7, 2022
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Mark 14:12-25 The New Covenant

Moses was called to lead the people out of slavery in Egypt. God sent plagues as Pharaoh continued to say “no”. The 10th plague was death of the firstborn in every household. God told the people to put the blood of a spotless lamb on the doorframe of their homes. When God saw the blood, He would pass over those homes and spare the people. This was the final plague before Pharaoh released the Jewish people to head towards the Promised Land.
Passover was a deeply valued and engrained practice of the Jewish people as they remembered God’s favor and deliverance from slavery in Egypt. This was an annual meal that had specific instructions and customs that had to be followed. Everyone knew exactly what was to be said and expected at a Passover feast.
Jesus changed that! He took the bread and said, “Take; this is MY body.” He took the wine and said, “This cup that is poured out for you is the new covenant in my blood.” This was a shocking statement to the disciples that knew the customs of the Passover. They would have immediately thought back to Jeremiah 31, where the prophesy foretold a new covenant that was a personal covenant. This was that moment.
Jesus invites us to “take and eat”. This is not a passive activity, but an invitation to be an active part of His story. When we take part in the Lord’s Supper, we are reminded of His faithfulness in the past and that releases a hopeful trust in Him for our todays and tomorrows. He is faithful to always keep His promises.
As we reflect today, here are a few questions to discuss:
    1. Where are you feeling crushed by the world?
    2. List all the times God has been faithful to you. Let that bring you encouragement in light of any current hardships.
    3. Where are places for you to be an active part of His story this week?