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Union with Christ

Feb 25, 2024
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Union with Christ

While we would most often describe ourselves as “Christians” we should remember the way followers of Jesus were most often described in the New Testament letters is being “in Christ”. Union with Christ is like the central hub of a bicycle wheel with many key components of our faith (salvation, sanctification, glorification, etc.) connected to it. We should never read too quickly over the words, “in Christ” and similar phrases in Scripture as they show us God’s incredible plan for our lives.

Union with Christ is Positional:

Union with Christ is Redemptive:

Union with Christ is Relational:

Union with Christ is Eternal:


  1. What is your response knowing that not only is your debt being erased through Jesus’ sacrifice, but your blessing is an inheritance that you get to participate in?
  2. You were redeemed for a relationship. Do you truly see that being “in Christ” gives you access to a very personal relationship with the One who created you? What does your relationship with Him look like?
  3. How do you need to reorient your mind knowing the fact that heaven isn’t our ultimate goal, but instead, our union with Christ is our goal? Heaven is where Christ is, and we get to be with Him for eternity since we are “in Him”.