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Aug 21, 2016
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This morning, Mike Long, our new Head of School for Carmel Christian School, had the opportunity to share with us about discipleship. He reminded us that in 1993, a seed was planted that will grow into a ministry that has and will pay eternal dividends. Our school is a vital part of our mission of disciple-making. The school is partnering with parents to help instill a biblical worldview into the lives of the next generation.
Big Picture
– CCS provides an excellent opportunity to reach the community for Jesus
– CCS not only reaches children, but their parents as well.
– CCS allows a church to do Kingdom work through the week.
The school is one of the largest ministries of Carmel, and is full of leaders that call Carmel Baptist home. We have over 900 students on our campus each day. Add in the 800 Wee School children, and the church is busting at the seams from Monday through Friday. It is a picture of great stewardship, and a wonderful partnership with the parents of these children.
With so many families coming from all over the community, combined with a great deal of ministry happening at the church, we must remember that the cross of Christ is what unites us. 1 Corinthians 1:10-17 reminds us that “you be united in the same mind”.
To Discuss Today
1. How does your educational upbringing shape your worldview?
2. Do you (did you) feel like your school setting complements what is happening in your home? How do you respond to that?
3. What is your hope and prayer for the next generation?