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Vision Sunday

Jan 5, 2014
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Vision Sunday 2014

Today Pastor Alex shared the vision for the future of Carmel. We were reminded that Carmel means vineyard or orchard, and that our task as a body is to produce good and lasting fruit.

Our Mission: Carmel is committed to making disciples of those Nearest, our Neighbors and the Nations.

A disciple is a follower of Christ in learning AND living.

Our Values:

1. Love

2. Dependent Prayer

3. The Least of These

4. Transformational Community

5. Intentional Simplicity

6. Generational Investment

7. Scripture

Our Strategy:

Nearest (color: Orange) – Go Home First! Equip the parent to be the primary disciple maker

Neighbors (color: Green) – Go across the Street! Love and seve your neighbor

Nations (color: sky blue) – Go to the Nations! Go, pray, and give to the nations

Pastor Alex also introduced our new church logo and the vision statement. These two items should excite and motivate you to be a part of something bigger than yourself!

As Lexie Kennedy toasts, “To the God of the Lord! The Lord has been good to me!”


Questions to discuss as a family today

1. What do you need to do as a family to “get your house together” in order to be a part of Carmel’s vision for a preferred future? (finances, relationships, etc.)

2. Write a vision statement for your family and talk about ways to make that vision a reality. Remember, a true vision statement should be bigger than anything you can do on your own. The Lord must do it!



Thank God for his goodness in your life and your family over the last year. Commit to honor Him in 2014 with a life of growing in Christ. Admit where your family or household is out of balance, and commit to make the necessary changes. Agree to turn control over to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to guide your household this year.