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Worship; Great and Awesome

Jun 2, 2013
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We need to know Who we are worshipping. By knowing Who we worship we will impact how we worship. To worship properly we need to know Him intimately – both His word and His works. Our worship is our response to who He is.

Questions to Discuss with Your Family:

1. What are some ways you can prepare for worship before you come to church on Sunday mornings?

2. We are created to worship.  Who or what do you bow before?

3. The God we worship is a balance of Abba Daddy and All Consuming Fire.  Why is it important to know Who He is?

4. Worship of God begins with the knowledge of the scripture where we find the revelation of God – we don’t have to ‘fill in the blank’ about who He is.  Do you have a favorite scripture passage that gives a description of God?