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You and Me: Sent to Share

Dec 27, 2020
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You & Me: Sent to Share
On Christmas Eve, Pastor Alex shared the “sent-ness” of Jesus by highlighting:
1. He showed up (Immanuel)
2. He showed up on purpose
3. His showing up brought the gift of presence
Now, it is our time and it is our role in the grand story of God to share the hope of the gospel with others. We are not spectators; we are participants! John 20:30-31 gives us the reason that John wrote this letter. He wrote it so that we would believe that Jesus is the Christ.
In John 20: 21, it reads:
“Peace be with you
As the Father has sent me (apostello – appointing someone for a mission and giving them the necessary authority)
even so I am sending you.” (Pempo – stresses the fact of sending)
This doesn’t mean that we don’t have authority. It is clear in Scripture: John 17:18 says, “As you sent (apostello) me into the world, so I have sent (aplstello) them into the world.” Knowing that we are sent on behalf of Jesus, there is a greater sense of purpose and responsibility to tell of the hope that we have!
Isaiah 61:1-3 shares multiple “sent me” on behalf of the culture. Here is what we need to ask ourselves in light of this passage:
Who are the brokenhearted in your city?
Who are the captives in your city? What are they held captive by?
Who are the prisoners in your city?
To whom do you need to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor to in your city?
What people group in your city are mourning? How can you comfort them?
Who are the grieving in your city? How might your church provide for them?
What might it look like to “bestow a crown of beauty” on those in your city?
What might it look like to “bestow the oil of gladness” to those in your city?
What might it look like to “bestow a garment of praise” on those in your city?
Matthew 9:37-38 tells us that we should pray, but then Go! because we are sent.
To Discuss Today:
1. When have you had the privilege to be an ambassador for someone else? How much responsibility did you feel to represent them well?
2. When was the last time you shared Jesus with someone? If you can’t remember, then how will you adjust your life?
3. When have you been obedient to do what He tells you to do? What was the result of that obedience?